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Opening: Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Biomass Chemistry



Our grand ambition is to promote sustainability research using organic polymer chemistry. Since joining the University of South Carolina in August 2009, we have spearheaded a few interdisciplinary initiatives that combine expertise in the fields of polymer synthesis, materials chemistry and biological sciences. We discover, design, synthesize and characterize functional building moieties for monomers and macromolecules that possess unique properties and utilities. We establish the following thrust areas:


(1) Sustainable Polymers and Antimicrobial Biomaterials from Natural Resources.


We explore atom-efficient, ecofriendly, highly efficient chemical transformations of a variety of biomass into sustainable intermediates, bioplastics, elastomers and advanced biobased materials. We discover a class of multicyclic natural products for designing affordable and scalable therapeutic antimicrobial agents against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


(2) Multifunctional Metallopolymers for Polyelectrolyte Chemistry, Antimicrobials and Membranes.


We are interested in synthetic methodologies on derivertization of cationic metallocenes and controlled polymerization toward tunable macromolecular compositions and topologies. We are interested in physical chemistry of charged metallo-polyelectrolytes and utilize the knowledge for sustainable use and discovery of both traditional and new antibiotics against multidrug-resistant bacteria. We also explore these polyelectrolytes as a new class of anion-exchange membranes for electrochemical cells.


We are a group of scientists in exploring chemistry in polymeric and supramolecular systems.





Congratulations to Dr. Tang! He is being awarded the Russell Research Award. 04/2020






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